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Can You BMX in the Rain?

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If you have any type of vehicle, you know driving or riding in the rain is a different experience. When the surface you ride on or drive on is wet, you have less control of the dynamics. Surfaces become slippery, there’s reduced traction, and you have to be extra careful. But will rain affect BMX?

Can you BMX in the rain?

Safely using a BMX bike in the rain depends on the intensity of the rain and your endurance. When the clouds only drizzle slightly, BMX in the rain should not a problem. But when the downpour is considerable, BMX comes with various risks and should be avoided unless you are well prepared.

wet bicyle wheel

Does that mean you cannot do anything with your BMX bike when it is raining? No, there are actually other BMX activities you can do indoors.

Can You BMX in the Rain?

You can choose to BMX when it rains. Your safety and comfort will depend on how much risk you are willing to take and how much harshness you can endure.

When it rains and road surfaces are wet, brakes are less effective. This means it might be harder for you to stop when your bike is in motion.

The harder it is for you to stop the bike or reduce your bike’s speed, the higher your chances of crashing or getting injured.

As the rider, you are exposed to health hazards when you BMX in the rain. You are exposed to cold, extreme wetness, and possibly strong winds.

BMX activities in the rain put you at risk of catching a cold, getting a rash, or getting hit by an object carried by the wind.

Another drawback of using your BMX bike in the rain is that the moisture might increase the chances of your bike becoming corroded.

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Safety Precautions for BMX in the Rain

If you are not deterred by the downpour, you should at least make some extra preparations before you get out your BMX bike.


Protecting yourself is the first step to safely using your BMX bike in the rain. Make sure you have the right gear for your body before going out. Here are some option to consider:

  • Get a waterproof jacket or coat to keep you from getting wet.
  • Wear waterproof shoes/boots, backpacks, and pants.
  • Cover your helmet with a waterproof cover but avoid covering your ears. Amidst the noise that comes with raindrops, you need your ears to sense any changes around you.
  • Wear a non-sticky piece of underclothing and a breathable shirt.
  • Wear a pair of biking gloves so your hands do not get cold quickly.


Wearing the appropriate gear is the first step to ensuring your safety while using a BMX bike in the rain. You should also make the following adjustments to your bike:

  • Install full fenders on your front and rear wheels to guard you from splashing water and to keep dirt or mud out of the bike gears and chains.
  • Install bright lights all around your bike including the flanks, front, and rear to help with visibility. They can aid your vision and ensure others can see you on the road in the rain.


Where you BMX bike is almost as important as how, especially if the weather is bad. Consider the following to stay safe on terrain made challenging in the rain:

  • Ride slower than you usually do.
  • Avoid puddles as much as you can. They can hide significant dangers such as potholes, glass, or nails that can lead to a flat tire or injury.
  • Avoid surfaces such as polished, painted, metal, or brick surfaces that are usually very slippery when it rains.

5 Tips to Care for Your BMX Bike if It Has Been Rained On

After exposing your bike to the moisture that comes with rain, you have to care for it well or risk a gradual loss of function.

closeup bmx maintenance
  • Wipe dirt off the rims, fender, front, and rear of the bike. This will help prevent dirt from clogging the chains and gear.
  • If you are washing the dirt off with a water hose, be careful. The water pressure can ruin the function of the bike. For example, pointing water from a hose at the bike’s bearings can seriously affect the bearings’ function.
  • While cleaning the bike, you may use soap to get the dirt off. In instances where you cannot use soap, alcohol spirit might work.
  • Dry off every wet part of the bike to reduce the chances of corrosion and help your bike last longer. You can dry the bike with a leaf blower or use a dry cloth.
  • Lubricate the movable metal parts. This helps prevent rusting and maintains the efficiency of the movement of the bike.

3 Indoor BMX Bike Activities for When It Is Raining

If you would prefer to stay inside when the weather is bad but still wish you could use your BMX bike, there are actually alternative indoor activities you can do. Try one of the following on a rainy day:

  • Ride your BMX bike on an indoor bike trainer. Indoor bike trainers will help improve your pedaling strength especially for sprints and out-of-the-saddle bursts.
  • Ride your BMX bike on rollers. Rollers can help improve your pedaling efficiency and form. They can also improve your level of alertness.
  • Use your bike on an indoor BMX track. You can check for an indoor BMX track close to you here.

Final Thoughts

Choosing to ride your BMX bike in the rain is a personal decision. There are risks involved, so be sure to take extra preparations for safety.

If you prefer to stay inside, there are other indoor activities you can do with your BMX bike white you wait for the weather to clear.