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Can BMX Bikes Have Pegs?

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On some bikes, pegs may be nothing more than just extra weight that serves no real purpose. But it’s different with BMX bikes.

Can BMX bikes have pegs? BMX bikes can have pegs; in fact, in some cases, they come with pegs. Generally, pegs provide a stable point for riders and passengers to place their legs. But in BMX, they have an extra function. When installed in BMX bikes, pegs increase the range of tricks a biker can perform.

In this article, we discuss the inclusion of pegs on BMX bikes, and we also suggest some cool pegs you can get for your BMX bike.

man doing tricks using his bike

Can BMX Bikes Have Pegs?

BMX bikes can have pegs, and sometimes, they come with pegs. In most cases, however, you may have to buy a peg separately and install it on your BMX bike.

In general, bike pegs offer an alternative platform for the rider to place their legs. While they cannot rotate the wheels like pedals, they are more stable, and you can control the bike’s movements better with them.

In BMX bikes, the role of pegs goes beyond what we described above. In a BMX bike, the inclusion of a peg makes it possible to perform even more stunts and tricks.

Besides expanding the range of possible tricks and offering a stable platform to the rider, pegs serve as a platform for passengers to place their legs. Of course, if the passenger sits in front, the pegs would be installed on the front axle and vice-versa.

Note that you should not try to transport passengers with a pegged bike. It may be okay for short burst rides. But if you do so for longer rides, you may exceed the bike’s weight limit. Obviously, that is dangerous.

Can You Put Pegs on Any BMX Bike?

You can put pegs on any BMX bike as long as the bike has the right wheels for pegs. In fact, you can put pegs on any bike with wheels that have a fitting for pegs.

Wheels that can hold pegs typically come with screw heads in the space where the spokes come together. So, if your bike does not have such a feature, you cannot put a peg on it.

Before going out to put pegs on your bike, ensure the pegs do not push the frame beyond its weight limit. If it does, attaching pegs to the bicycle may put you or any other rider at risk.

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Should You Have Pegs on a BMX Bike?

Pegs are optional accessories on a BMX bike. So, whether you should have pegs on your BMX bike or not depends on you. Nonetheless, you should consider the following before adding pegs to your BMX bike:

  • Pegs are primarily for tricks and stunts. So, if you intend to use them mainly for any other purpose, you should not have them on your BMX bike. Using pegs for other reasons besides tricks and stunts poses potentially worrying injuries.
  • Your bike frame has a weight limit. In many cases, this limit is around 300 pounds, but it could be higher or lower. If adding pegs to your BMX bike will push the frame beyond its weight limit, you should not get them for your bike. Doing this puts you at risk of getting injured or damaging the bike.

3 Cool Pegs for Your BMX Bike

Below, we review some cool pegs you can get for your BMX bike:


Odyssey MPEG Alex Pegs, 14mm, Black
  • Replacement for the GI pegs
  • Smaller outer diameter
  • Three anti-roll positions

One of the top features of the ODYSSEY MPEG Alex Pegs is its adaptability. While the pegs are made for 14 mm axles, you might be able to fit them on 3/8-inch (10 mm) axles. This is possible thanks to the adaptors provided in the pack.

The ODYSSEY MPEG Alex Pegs comes with 3 anti-roll spots, ensuring a relatively higher level of stability when in use. They are made of steel, and accordingly, they are pretty durable; these will take a beating. So, rest assured you will have them around for a long time.

One downside to this product is that it comes in just one color – black. So, if you were in for a color that matches your bike, this would only be perfect if yours is black.

25NINE Anodized Aluminum BMX Bike Pegs

25NINE Anodized Aluminum BMX Bike Pegs – Copper
  • 90 DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE – We are so sure you’ll be happy with your purchase that we offer a 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction of our products. If for any reason you wish to discontinue using the product, we will promptly issue a refund.
  • DIMENSIONS – 110mm long x 38mm in diameter.
  • COMPATIBILITY – Compatible with both 14mm and 3/8 inch axles. Use the included adapter to make the pegs fully compatible with 3/8 axles.
  • QUALITY – Machined from lightweight and durable 7075 aluminum

Like the ODYSSEY MPEG Alex Pegs, the 25NINE Anodized Aluminum BMX Bike Pegs is adaptable. Ordinarily, the pegs would fit a 14 mm axle. But if you work with the adaptors included in the pack, you can use it on a 3/8-inch (10 mm) axle.

The 25NINE Anodized Aluminum BMX Bike Pegs measures 110 mm in length and 38 mm in diameter. This means it is longer than standard bike pegs. So, if your legs are larger, this should work for you.

The 25NINE Anodized Aluminum BMX Bike Pegs comes with anti-rotation pins. So, you should experience no spinning or loose peg problems.

Made with aluminum encased in polycarbonate sleeves, the 25NINE Anodized Aluminum BMX Bike Pegs is highly durable. For one, you can be sure that the chances of pegs rusting are pretty low.

That aside, the 25NINE Anodized Aluminum BMX Bike Pegs are sturdy; at the least, they are more solid than plastic pegs.

If you desire pegs that match the color of your bike, you just might get lucky with the 25NINE Anodized Aluminum BMX Bike Pegs. They come in 10 colors, including copper, blue, gold, pink, light green, and purple.

The 25NINE Anodized Aluminum BMX Bike Pegs may not be as sturdy as steel pegs. But overall, it is of decent quality.

Leo and his friends 2Pcs Bike Pegs

Leo and his friends 2Pcs Bike Pegs Aluminum Alloy Anti-Skid Lead Foot BMX Pegs (Black)
  • 100*28 mm, Suit for universal Bike or BMX.
  • 3/8 axle x 26T , Fit 3/8 inch axles,
  • Made of high-strength aluminum alloy material, strongly-built
  • Super load bearing:≤100kg (200lb),Please don’t worry when you riding
  • Suitable for both front and rear axles.

Unlike the others, the Leo and his friends 2Pcs Bike Pegs are only suitable for BMX bikes with 3/8-inch axles. So, they may not work on newer BMX bikes.

But they may work for the front wheels of newer BMX bikes since some of them have 3/8-inch axles.

Aside from that, the Leo and his friends 2Pcs Bike Pegs is 100 mm long – it meets the standard length of stunt bike pegs. However, if your feet are large, you should consider the 25NINE Anodized Aluminum BMX Bike Pegs.

The Leo and his friends 2Pcs Bike Pegs are made from an aluminum alloy. So, they are unlikely to rust.

Besides that, they are pretty sturdy. The manufacturer estimates that they can support weights of up to 200 pounds. But to be safe, try to stay well below that limit.

The Leo and his friends 2Pcs Bike Pegs come in black and red. So, if your bike is of another color, you cannot get pegs to match.

Final Thoughts

BMX bikes can have pegs, but you should only get them if they will not pose any risk to you while riding. In some cases, BMX bikes come with their own pegs. But more times than not, you will have to get them yourself.

While buying bike pegs, pay attention to the axle size. Bike pegs come in more than one size, so you should only get one that fits the axle diameter of your bike.