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  • BMX vs. Dirt Jumpers: What’s the Difference?
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    On some bikes, pegs may be nothing more than just extra weight that serves no real purpose. But it’s different with BMX bikes. Can BMX bikes have pegs? BMX bikes … Read more
  • Can You Put a Kickstand on a BMX Bike?
    Kickstands make it easy for most people to leave their bikes standing somewhere without necessarily leaning on another surface. But some bikes (particularly BMX bikes) come without them. If you … Read more
  • Are BMX Stem Bolts Universal?
    Generally, stem bolts come in different shapes and sizes. However, in some cases, they are universal. So, asking if BMX stem bolts are universal is not a crazy question. Are … Read more
  • This Is Why BMX Bikes Have Small Sprockets
    For most people, cycling is a fun recreational activity and an efficient mode of transportation. You can bike for recreation, fitness, commuting, or just exploring the city. A bicycle is … Read more
  • BMX Bikes vs. Mountain Bikes for Kids
    For a kid, acquiring a bike can be a very exciting experience. However, to make an informed decision on the choice of bike, one needs to have practical knowledge of … Read more