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Jim Gentes a designer and bike racer started the company in 1985 out of his basement, creating the first light weight adult giro bike helmet, with the help of some friends at NASA to perfect the overall design. The company continues to push the technological boundaries in an attempt to not only create the perfect helmet for cyclists but also snowboarders and skiers.

The giro bicycle helmet has been worn by a number of biking superstars including Lance Armstrong in his 1999 win of the Tour de France, as well as competitors in the cyclo-cross and Iron man World Championships.

Claim to Fame:

Carbon Fiber Rib cage: The first helmet manufacturer to create a carbon Fiber rib cage reinforcement system built into the giro atmos helmet to create a helmet that is lighter, tougher and cooler. It weighs in at an amazing 9.5 ozs making it one of the lightest helmets on the market, and at $175 SRP one of the most expensive.

Wind Tunnel Ventilation: A system of vents that forces cool air into the front of the helmet and around your head and allows warmer air to exhaust out the back. A feature certainly not new to bicycle helmets but they have perfected the technique.

Giro Roc-loc tensioning systemRoc-Loc4 fit system that has separate tensioning and adjustment capabilites. The one handed functionalitiy is great.

Giro's Point of View (POV) visor system that allows 15 degrees of adjustment and a solid locking system so that the visor does not come loose on rough trails.

Most Well Known:
Giro Pneumo Helmet: in-mold construction with 19 wind tunnel vents and the roc-loc fitting system, POV visor system for road riding comfort SRP $145

Giro Atmos Helmet:
giro atmos helmetcarbon reinforced roll cage as discussed above, 26 wind tunnel vents and roc-loc fitting system, SRP $175 although I'm sure that's not the best price for a giro atmos helmet you can find on the internet

specialty Items: giro toddler bike helmet with blue and orange animals to appeal to the young fashion driven cyclists. Includes a pinch proof buckle and a simpler strapping system. Their Me2 line of kid's bike helmets comes in four different colours and my favourite feature, a soft interior lining that can be removed for washing. They also offer a trade in program, "Grow with Giro."*, to subsidize buying larger helmets as your young cyclist grows.

Giro Warranty:
"If your Giro Helmet is found to be defective in materials or workmanship within one year from the date of purchase, Giro will, at its sole option, either repair or replace the helmet free of charge. Just take it into the dealer from which it was purchased, with a letter indicating the specific reason you're returning the helmet, and proof of date of purchase. The dealer will then evaluate the claim. This warranty will be void if your helmet is improperly fitted, modified, or damaged through use that is contrary to what the manufacturer intended. Giro does not warranty any helmet damaged due to heat.":

Giro Sport Design
380 Encinal Street Santa Cruz, CA 95060 United States
Phone: 800 456 2355 tel: 831 420 4010
Fax: 831 457 4444
email: feedback@giro.com

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