Bicycle Helmets: "Must Wear" Laws

Bicycle Helmet Laws: Canada

(2002) mandatory for bicycle riders under 18 to wear helmets.

British Columbia: further information
(1996) all cyclist must wear a helmet

New Brunswick:
(1995) all-age mandatory bicycle helmet legislation.

Nova Scotia:
(1997) all-age mandatory bicycle helmet legislation.

(1995)Cyclists under 18 are required by law to wear an approved bike safety helmet

Prince Edward Island:
(2002) all-age mandatory bicycle helmet legislation.

Bicycle Helmet Laws: United States

There are no federal laws pertaining to the use of cycle safety helmets, but many states and localities have implemented their own laws since 1987, mostly limited to children under 18. For more information for a particular state follow this link on US bicycle helmet laws.

New Zealand:
has a national mandatory all-age bicycle helmet law.

The states of Victoria, Western Australia and New South Wales have a national mandatory all-age bicycle safety helmet law.

No mandatory cycle helmet laws are in place at this time but the issue is being strongly debated in the UK with support on both sides of the discussion.

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