A Baby Bike Helmet?

Baby + Bike + Helmet are words that do not belong in the same sentence, or at least not in my world. When you think how rough the roads are these days and the jarring that takes place on a bike, in a front or rear carrier or even in a tow along trailer it is hard to think that this is suitable for the smallest of children.

Up to a year old, a baby's neck muscles are barely even strong enough to support the weight of their own head let alone the idea of supporting the weight of an infant bicycle helmet! All the pediatricians that I have talked to would never under any circumstances recommend a bicycle as a suitable mode of transportation for any child under the age of one.

Thus you'll not find any of the more reputable bike helmet manufacturer's like Bell or Giro jumping on the band wagon to produce an infant helmet for such a young baby. In fact in many states in the United States and other areas around the globe, laws have been put into place to prohibit children under the age of one to be on a bicycle, with or without a helmet. A Cute Dora the explorer baby bike helmet may make a fashion statement but should not be perceived as a be-all safety net.

Shaking baby syndrome is something that we have all read about and certainly viewed as part of the typical cops and robbers theme on television. Its real! Do you think the end result of a long bike ride down a bumpy side trail is going to result in anything different on the x-rays then the horror stories of "shaken baby" abuse .. the motivation is certainly very different, but the physiology is the same. It doesn't make sense to stop drinking, eat healthy and reduce caffeine to produce this wonderful healthy baby just to abuse it with your bicycle passion!

Thus I hope I have worked effectively on the fear tactic and you'll take up hiking for a season or make a connection with a loving baby sitter and wait a year or two to convert your young toddler into a safe cyclist. An infant bike helmet should NOT be on your shower list!

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