Mountain Bike Tires:
mountain bike variations for every rider

Tread Design:

  • Knobbies: have very aggressive tire pattern, with knobs more closely spaced for dry sanding soils and farther apart for mud bogs (to prevent dirt accumulation in the tread). These treads are often made specifically for the front or the back. Front Tire: mountain bike stearage control is the priority and Back Tire: designed for more traction when climbing, thus ask and following rotation direction typically printed on the tire.

    Are typically heavier than normal, and offer poor traction on wet pavement or smooth rock climbs. They offer poor cornering control on smooth materials.

  • Hybrid: tread is cut into the tire. It is less aggreassive and more appropriate for hard pack trail riding and offers greater pedal efficiency. This is the typical bike tire provided off the shelf and does come in various tread patterns. As with the knobbies it can be selectively designed for front and rear tires.

Studded Tires: If you plan to do alot of riding on icy terrain you may want to consider a studded tire. Nokian, as undoubtedly with other manufacturers make a range of mountain bicycle tires with between 100 and 300+ studs. Studs typically have a light aluminum or steel body with carbide pins.

Pinch Flat & Punture Protection: some bike tires use different technologies to prevent flats of various sorts. Kevlar has been used as an interior coating to make mountain bicycle tires more resistant to puntures from thorns etc.

Reflective Tires: Reflective material is added to the tire. Montain bike enthusiass that insist on night riding might find this extra visible at night a great feature.. obviously a tire like the SweetskinZ that embeds the reflective material right into the rubber will retain this feature longer then similar concept tires that use surface mounted colouring.

Pricing: anywhere from $60-150.

Mountain Bike Tire Pressure: Pinch flats can be an issue with an under inflated bike tire. Mountain bike riders tend to under inflate tires to increase the "contact patch" and cushioning capabilities of the front wheel, but if overdone can result in the tube being pinched between a hard rock and the tire rim, thus don't overdue it.

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