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Like everything else about a bicycle, parts for wheels are numerous. Bicycle wheels are typically made up of a hub, a rim and the spokes that hold the two together. That is not to say that there are not other designs like spokeless or 'solid wheels' but this is the most common configuration.

Lets add a few other bicycle parts to that list, with tires, tubes, tire liners, eyelets and bicycle wheel covers.. all essential pieces to keep you on the bike longer and make your cycling passion more exciting.

Bicycle Rims: This is the circular outer "rim" of all common bicycle wheels. It is the key bicycle part that holds the tube and tire in place. Traditionally it is attached to the "hub" via aluminum, steel or stainless spokes.

If you go back far enough in history rims were made out of wood but today they are usually an aluminum alloy, carbon fiber or titanium.

Some of the challenge today is buying rims online that are compatible with your bicycle. Rims are specific to your style of brakes, spoke pattern on the hub, double walled or single, double or single eyelets, clincher or tubular.

Hubs: Like rims, bicycle wheels have an array of hub designs, largely dependent on the whether we are talking about the front or rear hub. They are also design dependent on the style of brakes and spokes.

Bicycle wheels can be built with flanged hubs for loop style spokes or as in the Easton bicycle wheel have a threaded hub for a screw-in style, each with it own type of eyelets.

They can be geared hubs, like the ones I road in Holland, or designed with built-in coasting or braking capabilities, or come with flanges for disc or drum brakes.

Spokes: Of all the parts for bicycle wheels, spokes are probably the easiest one to understand. Length, profile, material, screw-in or loop , butted or not are all options. All are easily understood and described if buying bicycle parts online. Its just a matter of sorting out all the options.

BICYCLE TIRES: After tubes, this is one of the biggest consumables in the list of components for bicycle wheels. Parts, such as tires are probably the most confusing. because it is not inherently obvious by looking, what tread pattern or composition is best for your particular style of riding.... and the choice of the best bicycle tire can be the most cost effective purchase to improve speed, traction and reliability.

BICYCLE TIRE LINERS: The purpose of tire liners is to keep you on the bike longer. Trailside repair stops to change a tube are somewhat a drag. Tire liners install between your tire and your tube, to act as a barrier so sharp objects from glass to thorns don't get the chance to puncture your tire. Some are great and others are heavy and a waste of money.

BICYCLE TUBES .. and this is the most consumable element of bicycle wheels. Depending on your cycling ambitions it could be a monthly or weekly purchase. Are there better bicycle tubes, ... tougher, lighter, or stronger?

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