Bicycle Tire Liners
Slime Tire Liners or Flat-Away Kevlar Tape

Bicycle Tire Liners are one approach to puncture resistance. They are designed to keep you on the road instead of in the ditch trying to do trailside repairs. They are typically a strip of plastic or other material that is fitted along the inside rim of your tire, between the tire and the tube.

It has a tough outer liner that stops punctures and a soft inner liner that won't damage the inner tube. Like anything else that you buy, it comes in a variety of qualities, weights and ease of installation.

Note that I suggest that bike tire liners are only one answer. Bicycle tubes can be purchased with chemicals that are added to the inside of the tube that will instantly seal small holes. These chemicals can also sometimes be added to certain types of tubes after the fact. It is mostly dependent on the type of tube stem.

Bicycle tires themselves, can also be designed with sophisticated kevlar strips and thicker rubber built into the tread that can serve the same purpose, or offer another layer of protection. The use of one or all of these options in combination, will be dependent on the trails that you choose and your style of riding.

But back to the bicycle tire liners... here's a run down of some of the your options. Remember that for every person that swears by a product there are 3 other people that say it is useless so its up to you to do your own experimentation to determine which is the perfect bicycle puncture proof tyre liner. Here are two of the most common products on the market:

1. Slime Tire liners are probably the most well known and are made of an extruded polyurethane plastic. It comes in a roll with enough material for two tires. It does not have a peel and stick application, so a little more difficult to get proper alignment. It does add weight, but quite cost effective.

2. Panaracer's Flat-Away Puncture Resistant Kevlar Tape is an upgrade both in price and protection. It does come peel and stick and of course with a kevlar composition offers protection for the most extreme rider. It typically only adds 20 gm per tire, but twice the price of Slime Tire Liners.

It is important to pay attention to installation. If the bike tire liner is not installed into the correct position at the crown of the tire then it will do little good, when you ride over road debris,

This may be some of the reason that products get damaging reviews. Its not the product that is at fault but rather, installation errors that don't let it be effective. That is one reason why tire liners that have a self adhesive strip are a little easier to align correctly and tend to be more effective in the long run.

It is also important to make sure that the ends of the liner strip do not overlap or the bugle that this creates can cause a puncture itself. The splice must be taped flat, butted end to end before insertion or the bicycle tire liners will not be effective in doing its job.

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