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Bicycle Tours of Italy

Tuscany Bicycle Tours are probably the most popular of all bicycle tours of Italy. I'm not sure if that is a comment on the great diversity of riding opportunities or the attraction to the wine tasting circuit. Certainly both are true.

Many begin their journey by flying into Florence,. It was named by the Romans in the 1st century BC with the typical roman baths and amphitheater. Today it is the world's art capital with an unbelievable collection of renaissance art, numerous fabulous churches, museums and gardens. Certainly a great start for a Bicycle Tour of Italy's Tuscan Valley.

The most critical agenda item is accommodation. The Tuscan Valley is premium tourist country especially in August when it is filled with vacationing Europeans that all get their holidays during the same 4 weeks. This is one advantage of paying the bucks for those all-in-one Tuscany Bicycle Tours. It's a larger outlay of cash, but if this is the only time of year you can go, pay up and use a tour operator. They have local connections and can get accommodation in the smallest of hill towns, where the drop-in tourist doesn't stand a chance.

You certainly can't go wrong with Ciclismo Classico's Tuscany Bike Tours. It was named "One of the Top 10 Family Trips" by Outside Magazine. If nothing else, reviewing their travel plans will give you ideas on where you'd like to go.

Weather and Tourists:
If you have more flexibility in your timing then the best travel time is late spring and early fall. Summers are very hot (in the mid 80's) and the shoulder seasons offer some relief from temperature and tourism extremes.

No one takes a Tuscany Bicycle tour without at least a few stops along the way at the numerous orchards and wine cellars. So if you are creating your own itinery do a little digging and plan the path for your bicycle. Tours of Italy are not complete with at least a few wine and cheese tastings.

The terrain is interesting enough to give the intermediate rider miles of rolling hills through olive grooves, vineyards and interesting historic hill towns. The hills are steady but not rising in elevations that make it impossible for the fit beginner looking for a challenge. With careful planning it is also possible to find less challenging and less trafficked roads, but again this is where a bicycle tour operator helps… I'd check out a few Tuscany bike tours and their road maps, just to get an idea on where they are sending you and what level of difficulty they classify their particular route.

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