Self Guided Bike Tours: Italy
Biking in Italy

Money is a great motivator for planning self guided bike tours. Italy is a very bike friendly country, so with a little work and knowledge it is relatively easy to plan a rather exciting trip biking in Italy. It can save you from one half to two thirds of the cost of a fully organized and chaperoned one. Understand that there are two different ways to accomplish this.

Tour Company: Self Guided Bike Tours:
Italy has a number of small operators that are willing to organize and plan Italian bike tours. They have extensive experience and knowledge of local roadways, great vistas and unique cultural and tourism values, so there is great value in paying a few extra dollars to benefits from their experience. It can assure you a trouble free vacation.

As well there are a number of international players like Nichols Expeditions & Bike Riders from the US, Pedal & Sea Adventures from Canada and Iron Donkey Bicycle Touring from Ireland that provide a similar service, if you would prefer to deal with an English speaking operator. They typically have in-country joint venture partners to co-ordinate their Italian bike tours.

Tour company Services:
Bicycle tour companies can provide detailed route maps, daily luggage transfers and have great lodging waiting for you each evening in a wide geographical selection of self guided bike tours. Italy, as I'm sure you know by now is pretty hilly if not mountainous in some areas and having a company move your luggage from hotel to hotel, reducing your bicycle's payload, is certainly a great asset. They can also keep you off the main arteries and away from the worst of the heavily tourist pathways if that is your desire.

Self Designed Bike Tours:
A more difficult option is to plan your biking-in-italy holiday entirely on your own. This is certainly doable, but having traveled quite extensively, I'm not sure that you really save any money, if that is in fact your agenda. Finding good value and clean accommodation is not always easy in ancient hill communities where even the 3 star hotel standard is not always available .

Your best bet is to review what some self guided bike tour operators have to offer first when they are doing the arrangements. At the very least this will give you a great starting point in knowing where to go if you choose to make all your own arrangements Their evaluation of trail complexity in each of the regions of Italy will be quite valuable so you don't get in over your head. Self Guided Bike Tours are a great way to allow you to travel at a pace that works for you. You just need to make sure you've asked all the right questions.

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