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Cycling in Italy: from the Alps to Sicily and Tuscany to Bassano del Grappa there is a cycling trip for every diet.

Italy has to be the worlds cycling tour capital. It has such a range of possibilities. If your agenda is to challenge your bike and your body, it has some of the highest and most challenging biking climbs in the world.

If you are not tempted with the strenuous then maybe your interest lies in a bicycle tour of Italy that will leave you with not only an active physical holiday but a mental one as well with culinary or language classes along the way.

For those that like to be more independent there are quite a number of tour operators that offer self guided bicycle tours, but I'd check out a number of the full package cycling tours before hand to guide you to the hot spots essential to include in your itinerary.

If your cycling in Italy, Tuscany has to be one of the all time favorites with rolling hills, vineyards, wonderful hill top towns and ancient architecture to fill your mind, if not your need for fine wine. What's not to like about a Tuscany Bike Tour?

And if money is no object try Ciclismo Classico: a premier Italian Bicycle Tour Operator, that will design a custom bike tour around your agenda.

Note that on this site I have also included some basic information on Boxing Your Bicycle: A basic list of "ToDos" if you are considering shipping your bicycle on the airplane with you so you can enjoy the comforts and familiarity of your own bike on your Italian Cycling Tour.

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