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Cycling in Italy should definitely be on your life list if you share a biking passion. Each region has different foods, spectacular views, intriguing cultures and every level from beginner to competitive biking. In Italy, bicycle tours span the range of the extremely strenuous mountain climbs up the Dolomiti mountains and over volcanic cliffs of the islands, to the gentle rolling hills of the more common Tuscany landscape or the Northern Lake District closer to the French border. It's your choice!

Cycling in Italy can be a huge physical challenge or a fun family vacation. The best advice is to review the itineraries of a number of different tour operators and that will give you a huge education on what Italy has to offer.

Tuscany Bicycle Tours:
This area of Italy is probably the best known of all with rolling hills that grow higher and larger as you approach the centre of the Italian peninsula. Bike through vineyards, and olive orchards. Visit hill towns with spectacular ancient architecture. Take short ferry rides to bike Italy's volcanic islands.

The Islands:
Elba is the largest island of the Tuscan Archipelago and is positioned off the west coast of Italy, a short ferry ride from the Tuscan coast. It is volcanic in origin with a landscape of steep volcanic cliffs, offers back hill riding and old village architecture. It is very busy in the peak tourist season thus recommend that it be visited in the shoulder seasons for less competition. Larger again are the islands of Sardinia and Sicily offering similar terrain and equally busy tourist seasons so do plan ahead.

Northern Italy and the Dolomites:
This area is one of extremes, with the Alps sharing the border between Italy, France, Switzerland and Austria in the north, so as you can imagine it is skiing heaven, or in our case "biking in Italy a la mountains". Mountain passes, valley trails, steep assents and 5 star resorts. It is the area for the most aggressive climbs, testing your physical abilities and your bike. Italy is known for world class bike races and this is the training ground.

Veneto Region & Bassano del Grappa:
This is the less populated north-eastern coast, the base of the pre-Dolomite mountains. It is the home of many well-known bike & component manufacturers giving you true motivation to take a day off for cruising the bike shops. It is possible to stay at one location when biking in Italy's Veneto Region, traveling 50 miles along a river valley one day and climbing Mount Grappa the next day. For the transient biker you can hop on the newly created Brenta bike path, which extends, uninterrupted from Venice to Munich, Austria for the ultimate cycling in Italy holiday.

Whatever regions of Italy you ultimately decide to explore, whether via a Self Guided Tours or taking advantage of one of the packaged Italian cycling tours, reviewing their itineraries is a great way to get a feel for what is there to see.

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Cycling Tours in Italy

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