Ciclismo Classico:
Bicycle Tours in Italy

Ciclismo Classico (alt: Cyclismo Classico) sets the standard for bicycle tours in Italy. Their mission is to not only challenge you with great trails and unsurpassed experiences while bicycling in Italy, but also introduce you to the Italian culture. Their biking tours include exposure to the best of Italian art, language and music as a casual passion or an in-depth learning experience. They make arrangements for cooking classes and bicycle training with top experts in the field.

It is up to you to pick one of the Ciclismo Classico bike tours that best fits your holiday desire.

Cyclismo Classico has tours designed to fit all athletic abilities and biking interest, from gentle family biking vacations, to the wine tasting and culinary experience included in their classic Tuscany bicycle tours. In Italy there are trails for the beginner following gentle rolling hills along the Adige River in the Western Dolomites in the north, to Italy's Lake District through stunning alpine valleys, small villages, kiwi fruit orchards and of course, making the inevitable stops for wine tastings along the way.

For the more advanced biker, they offer a number of alpine experiences for aggressive bicycling. In Italy there are opportunities to challenge the highest peaks of numerous mountain ranges made famous by the classic Italian road races. They climb the high mountain paths through the Dolomite Mountains in the north of Italy and ride mountain roads of the Apennine Mountain Range, that's the backbone down the entire length of the Italian peninsula.

As well some of their bike tours offer challenging steep elevations on mountain roads that can be found on many of the small volcanic islands, a short ferry hop from the coast.

Cyclismo Classico can even create private itineraries, where you layout your desires and they create a Italian bike trip and agenda to fit your passion. Think through your priorities. Is the desire to climb a peak in the Alps of Northern Italy, ride volcanic mountain paths of Sicily or cruise through the hills and valleys on a Tuscany cycling tour? You'll not be disappointed. Ciclismo Classico's bicycle tours in Italy are superb!

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