Bicycle Tours Of Italy
Biking Tours Can Offer Diverse Family Vacations

Bicycle tours in Italy can imply almost anything in both the focus of the trip and the expectation of biking expertise so it is critically important to read the itinerary quite carefully and ask the right questions, otherwise a trip that was suppose to be a once in a life time experience could turn into a nightmare.

Bicycle Tours of Italy: Biking Tour Challenge or Cultural Experience?
Active family vacations have become a growing segment of the travel industry, but not all family members are equally addicted to biking As such tour operators have had to come to grips with a wide variety of interests and physical capabilities that make up the typical family group. Approaches in designing a bike tour in Italy must incorporate all these interests into one flexible package. Here is an idea on what is possible:

Italy has a long history of fine art galleries and an extensive inventory of ancient architecture and interesting hilltop abbeys. In fact some tours will actually make a point of staying in these unusual and historical locations, with trips to local museums and galleries. Decide whether this is important to you. Then ask if the cost of admittance to these off-site locations is included in the price of the tours, or a separate add-on. A waste of money if you've no interest in art or architecture, or an unexpected expense if you are figuring it is included in the package price.

There are quite a number of tour operators that have made great connections with some of the top cooking talent in Italy. They balance the time delegated to biking with cooking demonstrations and restaurant experiences. There is one operator that even brings along a chef that teaches and creates special recipes of Italian gelato. Most operators include visits to cheese factories and of course wineries to compliment regional food specialties

As the world becomes more global, there is a growing interest in learning multiple languages. Certainly combining the physical aspects of a bicycle tour in Italy with the mental challenges of learning a new language has its advantage. If this is an interest, be clear whether your hope is to take classes with an accredited organization that will offer a scholastic credit recognized by your home school, or whether your interest is only to gain conversational skills.

Multi-sport and Physical Training:
There are many other sports opportunities on a tour of Italy, cycling only one of them. Most coastal locations offer scuba, windsurfing and sailing. Some have yoga and/or a health and wellness focus and some are designed for cycle training. Get a clear answer of the program focus, on the technical expertise of the instructors and the sophistication of the training regiment.

The last suggestion is if you are traveling with younger children or teenagers you may want to question what accommodations they have made for children. Are the bike routes suitable for the rider you are bringing along? What facilities are available ie. Swimming pools etc. that your young ones might be looking for? You may appreciate the ancient architecture, but I some how guess they will not be impressed.

If you're going to spend big bucks for great bicycle tours of Italy, you want everyone in your party to have a awesome time.

If you are looking for a more no frills version of cycling you may want to review the itineries of a self guided bike tour.

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Bicycle Tours of Italy

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