Shimano XTR M970 Crankset Specs.

The m970 is a 2 piece crankset from the Shimano XTR crankset line of MTB bicycle components. It includes a 3 piece chainring set where the outer gear and the middle gear use fixing bolts and nuts to attach to either side of the crank arm spider.

The small inner gear is attached to the spider with a separate set of fixing bolts with no nuts.

You have two sets of chain ring options and neither are interchangeable with the XTR m960 series which uses a stepped spider to hold each chain ring separately. Some of the bottom bracket components are interchangeable though, although not identical in appearance.

Shimano XTR M970 Crankset Specs:
Weight: 775 g

Crank Arm: Hollowtech II Crank Arm, anodized aluminum

Crank Arm Length Options: 165mm to 180mm in 2.5mm intervals

BCD: 104 mm for the outer and middle gear that mount on either side of the spider and 64mm for the small inner gear.

Chainring Options: 44 -- 32 (AA) -- 22T or 44 -- 32 (AB) -- 24T on a 4 arm spider,

Inner and Outer Ring is made from 7075 Aluminum painted and nichel-plated, The middle ring is Titanium teeth mounted to a composite carbon fiber carrier.

Chain: Super Narrow HG for 9 speed

Bottom Bracket: The bottom bracket assembly is included with the XTR M970 Crankset, traditional setup uses 3 - 2.5 mm spacers, two on the drive side and one on the left side, see the diagram below. 68 or 73mm shell compatible.

Pedals: 9/16" diameter

Tooling: Does require special Shimano wrenches for installing the bottom bracket and the crank arm.

Pricing: $550 seems to be the norm but try a few of these links as I have seen it as low as $499.

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