FSA: SL-K Carbon Cranks

FSA SL-K Carbon CrankThe FSA sl-k carbon cranks use the same pressurized molding process as the K-force with an internal I-beam reinforcement to offer higher tortional strength then previous sl-k carbon cranks. The carbon is glass fiber enhanced to create the stiffness of the K-force light, at a lesser cost.

It creates a crank arm with a traditional carbon black UDF gloss finish unlike the distintive "thatched" or woven appearance of the K-force crank arm that helps to identify their top of the line option.

The chainrings are fabricated out of AL7075 using CNC technology for added accuracy, with a black face and silver lasered logo. The chainring bolts for the sl-k cranks are an AL7075 Torx T-30 alloy identical to the FSA K-force light crank.

Bottom Bracket:
The BB, uses oversized cartridge bearings with a 24mm integrated CrMo spindle. Anodized alloy external bearing cups hold it all in place. Note that this is typically sold with the standard Mega Exo BB NOT the Ceramic Mega Exo BB which adds another $120 to the cost.

Specifications for the FSA SL-K Carbon Crank: "Light", Road Option Only

Weight: 710 g. including the BB (compact & standard) and 750g for the triple chainrings

Chainline: 43.5mm (compact & standard) 46mm (triple)

Length Options: 165mm, 170mm, 172.5mm & 175 mm

BCD: 110 mm compact, 130mm standard, 130/74mm triple

Chainring Options: 34/50 compact or 39/53 standard & 30/39/53 triple

Pricing: the MSRP is about $400 but you should be able to get it online +/- $300 depending on the chainring options you chose.

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