FSA Bottom Brackets

FSA bottom brackets come in a number of configurations depending on what crankset it must match, road or MTB and in various spindle lengths, with an English or Italian thread.

Their top of the line offering, with ceramic bearings and the least weight for 2 piece cranksets are branded as the FSA MegaExo. ISIS compatible bottom brackets are branded under the "Platinum" name for cyclists with a 3 piece crankset.

MegaExo Ceramic MTB & Road    Approx: $200.

FSA SL-K Carbon CrankFeatures external oversized ceramic bearings, with an alloy center sleeve and cups. The MegaExo line also comes with FSA's newest technological advancement incorporating ceramic ball bearings for a significantly improved performance.

The Megaexo Ceramic MTB is only available in English Thread both 68 and 73mm lengths and weighs in at about 150g.

The MegaExo Road is available in both 68 and 73mm lengths as well and weighs in at about 90 grams, in both an English and Italian thread.

The equivalent FSA bottom brackets, minus the ceramic bearings are available. I have noticed that they are sometimes referred to as a "FSA Mega Exo Bottom Bracket" but minus the word "ceramic" so be sure that you know which you are buying as there is a significant difference in price. The NON ceramic version can be purchased for approximately $50.

Platinum Series FSA Bottom Brackets:          Approx: $40 - $100.
For 2008, unlike the FSA MegaExo, these are ISIS compatible with the spindle, sealed internal cartridge bearings and crank bolts sold as a unit. There is a "Platinum Pro" series and a "platinum" series. You are paying extra for aluminum vs CrMo Crank Bolts, and Ti coated spindle vs. a hollow CrMo Spindle.

Again make sure you know what you are getting when you start putting money on the table for a FSA bottom bracket Mega Exo or ISIS, since they all sound pretty similar but range significantly in price.

Maintenance Tip: NEVER use a power washer on your bottom bracket bearings. The bearing seals are designed to resist road muck NOT 200 pounds of water pressure!


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