FSA Bicycle Cranks

FSA Bicycle Cranks are made using a number of different manufacturing technologies. Here's a list of your options in order of declining price and sophistication.

FSA SL-K Carbon CrankK-Force Light Crank: monocoque carbon 3K weave, totally hollow crank arm with fully integrated spider. Thus this FSA bicycle Crank is a one piece "crank arm + spider" casting and can be differentiated from its cheaper SL-k cousin by its distinctive "woven" texture.

Team Issue FSA Cranks: monocoque carbon 3K weave crank arm as with the K-Force line but with an independently cold forged alloy spider.

SL-K Carbon Cranks: glass fiber enhanced carbon with an internal I-beam reinforcement to incorporate the rigidity and strength of the K-force line but at a better price point. Also one of FSA bicycle cranks with a one piece spider + crank arm construction.

Energy: is one of several FSA road cranksets that are constructed using Aluminum hollow forging technology, with a high overall strength to weight ratio. It uses AL6061/T6 aluminum in the Energy™ line of bicycle cranks.

Omega: Cast aluminum crank arms with fully integrated spiders. One of the heaviest FSA bicycle cranksets weighing in at over 1000 grams.

Vero: cold forged aluminum road crank arms with one piece spider and crank arm design.

Length Options for FSA Drive Crank Arm:
170 mm is probably the most common FSA drive crank arm length, but it is almost always also available in 172.5 and 175mm and occasionally in a shorter 165mm length

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