Campagnolo Record Crankset
Ultra-Torque & Carbon Fiber
Review of their Newest Technology in Campagnolo Bicycle Parts


New Campagnolo Record Crankset: Review of Design Specifications:

Campagnolo Record Crankset Carbon Ultra torqueCampagnolo Crank Arm: The Record™ crank arms are entirely hollow, NOT like Chorus™ Crankset that uses an uncompressed low density foam in the interior. This gives the Record™ cranksets a significant weight advantage and the associated increase in cycling efficiency. This is predominately what you are paying the extra dollars for when you jump to Campy's top line of bicycle components. The Record cranksets are approximately 75g lighten than the Chorus crankset.

Multi directional carbon fiber is laid down the length of the crank arm to create rigidity in all directions.A second layer of unidirectional fiber is added in strategic locations to reinforce points of peak load to create an extremely rigid carbon crankset.

  • From 2007 on, the Record™ crankset is only available in the Ultra-Torque (UT) design where the axle is split in half in the middle of the bottom bracket shell. (more information - Ultra-torque Campagnolo Crankset)
  • Spider and crankarm are fabricated as a single carbon fiber unit and each half axle is molded directly into this carbon crankarm-spider combination offering significant weight advantages. (pre 2007 there was an aluminum option, but today the Campagnolo Record crankset is only made in carbon fiber and only Ultra-torque design)
  • the fifth spider arm is hidden behind the crankarm to give added strength. This allows the chainring bolt to attach the chainrings directly to the crankarm adding rigidity to both the crank arm AND the chainrings
  • metal is only used in the threaded interfaces and fixing bolts necessary for pedals and the fifth "hidden" spider arm and of course the axle.
  • Bearings are press fitted onto the half axle, rather than mounted within the bottom bracket cups

NOTE: so if you are buying their newest design you should see "carbon" in the description (2004 designs were aluminum) and "Ultra-Torque" or "UT" in the name to indicate their newest split axle design (some on the market are carbon fiber but NOT split axle).... anyone not including this in the description of their Campagnolo Record Crankset is selling you older stock so pay accordingly. They are still a great crankset, you just don't want to be paying current pricing for older stock.


Campagnolo Record Chainrings:

  • nickel plated chainring (this is the upgrade from the Chorus line)
  • use a anti-friction coating for smoother chain-chainring interaction, and longer life for both the chainring and the chain.
  • chainrings use a 135mm bolt center diameter, unique to Campy
  • Chainrings are NOT interchangeable with other brands
  • uses alloyed chainring bolts (lighter than the steel bolts used on the Campagnolo's Chorus crankset)
  • 53-39 or 50-34 compact option

Note: starting in 2008 there is no Campagnolo Record triple crankset. Their feeling is that the compact 50-34 option offers a more effective cycling solution than their older triple crankset. Campagnolo record group set then only includes a double chainring option, not necessarily satisfying all campy lovers.


  • press fit onto the half axles
  • standard steel or ceramic bearing option

Reviewing this, from an engineering point of view you realize it allows the Campagnolo Record crankset to make a tighter fit with lower tolerances between axle and bearings, creating the extremely smooth rolling action that Campy is known for.

Pedal Spindle Holes: 9/16" x 20 tpi threads

Q-factor: (the distance between the pedals) the new ultra torque Record crankset requires no increase in lateral distance between the crank arms, which is somewhat impressive given that most suppliers were forced to increase the Q-factor with all two piece cranksets and external bearings. This is great in that it avoids any adjustment to bicycle shoe cleats.

Weight: Campagnolo™ Crankset claimed weights

  • 640 grams
  • 55 grams for BB cups


  • $550-$675. ... seems to be quite a variation of prices when buying this particular bicycle part online so check around
  • $800+ for the ceramic bearing model and harder to find, many of the comments from users suggest that the rolling action is so fantastic with the standard bearings that it is a waste of money to upgrade to the ceramic. (further information: advantages bicycle parts made with of ceramic bearings)
  • $20-30 for the cup set, Italian or English thread

campagnolo record crankset external cupsMake sure you understand what comes with your purchase.. ie. with or without cup set included in the price.

Also note as suggested earlier that there are alot of older models out on the market. The Campagnolo Record Carbon Crankset at $480 is not a great buy if you can buy the Campagnolo Record Carbon Ultra-torque Crankset for $550 that includes the axle and bearings and cups and all its advantages!


New Campagnolo Record Crankset: Review Basic Installation

  • important to have your bottom bracket shell shaved square before you install the cups
  • screw in a cup from either side, making sure the thread of the cups matches the thread of your bicycle's bottom bracket shell
  • Each half axles of the ultra torque design is threaded through the middle of the bottom bracket shell and a 10mm bolt through the axle holds the two halves of the crankset axle together.
  • Bolt gets torqued down to 42N


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