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Tullio Campagnolo was an avid Italian cyclist in the early 1930's. But his interests were not limited to mastering the art of competitive cycling. His desire was to push the boundaries of his tool of choice, his bicycle. Never quite content with status quo, he was forever tweaking the various bicycle components of the time to gain speed, power and reliability.

His first claim to fame was a redesign of the gearing systems on his bike of the time, which ultimately led to a number of patents for bicycle parts in the late 1940's. His involvement became so great that Tullio finally gave up riding career for a more concentrated devotion to his new design and fabrication factory for Campagnolo bicycle parts.

By 1955 he had designed his first complete line of bicycle components including a drive-train, brakes and lever system.

Today the Campagnolo headquarters are in Via della Chimica, in Vicenza Italy. They have over 400 employees spread across 5 branches and 9 agencies that export bicycle parts to over 30 countries.

In fact over 70% of their sales are outside Italy, with France, United States, Germany and Belgium representing their leading geographic markets.

It is not hard to understand their current focus when you read about their new Composite Materials Department. It was founded in 1998 and today, 10 years later employees one third of all their staff within this one division of specialization. They experiment, design and fabricate all bicycle components from carbon fiber or carbon fiber composites.

In the not too distant past Campagnolo parts were re-known for their forward thinking in aluminum alloy fabrication, putting them technologically advanced even when compared to the aeronautical industry. Today they take these same bold steps but in the carbon fiber arena and from their 2005 collection see an increasing inventory of headsets, BB, seatposts and bicycle wheels in carbon fiber.

It is interesting to that to make their extensive line of Campagnolo parts they also make the production equipment and the quality control tools .

Via della Chimica, 4 - 36100 Vicenza ITALY
Tel. +39-0444-225605
Fax +39-0444-225606
E-mail: service@campagnolo.com

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