Campagnolo Chorus Crankset
Review of their Newest Technology in Campagnolo Bicycle Parts

New Campagnolo Chorus Crankset Design Specifications:

Campagnolo Chorus Crankset carbonCampagnolo Crank Arm:
Since 2007 the Chorus Crankarm has followed the design and fabrication techniques used in the more expensive Campagnolo Record Crankset with one exception.

The Chorus Crank Arm uses a foam core to support the carbon fiber exterior making it slightly heavier, but other than that it shares the following characteristics:

  • multi-directional carbon fiber used to create overall rigidity in the design with an overlay of unidirectional fiber aligned in points along this bicycle crankset that experiences higher stress
  • 5 arm spider totally integrated with the crank arm and cast as a complete unit with crankarm and spider as a unit.
  • the 5th hidden spider arm is fused to the back of the crank arm to create a stronger overall design
  • Ultra-Torque Design: a half axle is fused to each crank arm, and joined at the mid point of the bottom bracket shell. (see more info on Campagnolo Ultra-Torque Crankset)
  • the only metal used in this bike crankset is the embedded nuts for the pedals, chainring bolt for the 5th hidden spider arm and of course the integrated half axle
  • 170mm, 172.5mm and 175mm crank lengths available
  • requires Ultra-Torque BB overboard cups

Chorus Chainrings:

  • both rings are made out of die cut aluminum plate
  • steel rivets added below the teeth to help direct the chain
  • ships with steel chainring bolts (vs alloy bolts for the Record Crankset)
  • chainrings use a 135mm bolt center diameter
  • 34/48, 34/50, 39-52, 39-53 chainrings
  • does not get the "anti-friction" coating of its more expensive cousin

Note: that the 135mm BCD is somewhat unusual for a road ring and does suggest that replacement chainrings for the campagnolo chorus crankset must be campagnolo chainrings.

Pedal Spindle Holes: 9/16" x 20 tpi threads

Q-Factor: This is the distance between the pedals. The 2008 version of the Chorus crankset has the same Q-Factor as it predecessor. Campagnolo has succeeded in creating a crankset design with external oversized bearings that unlike most bicycle part manufacturers did not imply an increase in the lateral distance between the crank arms.

This is great news for those that hate to have to play with bicycle shoe cleats to get them positioned just right.

Weight: Campagnolo™ Crankset claimed weights

  • 680 grams (not including BB cups)
  • 55 grams for BB cups

Pricing: $350 - $450

campagnolo chorus crankset external cupsMake sure you know what comes with your purchase. The set of exterior cups are typically about $20-25.00 and some suppliers include them in the price and some do not.

Note: so if you intend to buy bicycle parts online like the Chorus Crankset look for the "Carbon" in the name to indicate the newest in their carbon forming technology. Look for the "Ultra-Torque" or "UT" in the name as well to indicate that it is using their newest split axle design. Anything else is old bicycle part stock, still great to buy but it should be reflected in the price.

A few sites are advertising the "Campagnolo Chorus Carbon Crankset" for $440. and it is NOT the Ultra-Torque bicycle crankset version... you still have to buy the BB and axle... Why not buy the newer UT version for the same money??

Older Models:

  • Campagnolo Chorus 10s crankset, with aluminum alloy arms, with square tapered holes for standard 2°tapered spindle.
  • Campagnolo Chorus Carbon Crankset: same as above but with the carbon crank arms.

New Campagnolo Chorus Crankset: Review Basic Installation of Ultra-Torque Crankset

  • It is important to have your bottom bracket shell shaved square at a qualified bike repair shop before you install the cups
  • An external cup gets screwed in from either side. Making sure that the thread of the cups matches the thread of your bicycle's bottom bracket shell
  • Each half axle of the ultra-torque crankset is threaded through the center of the bottom bracket shell and a 10mm bolt is used to hold the two halves of the crankset together.
  • Bolt gets torqued down to 42N

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