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Campagnolo Bicycle Parts

Pedals ... that is, Campagnolo pedal bicycle parts seem to be the biggest item that cycling ethusiats look for when shopping online. But that is only a scrap of what they have to offer. Since 1933, they have been continuously adding innovation to traditional bike part designs. As early as 1948 their technology has been showing up in the Tour de France winner's circle.

Today, they are the largest Italian fabricator and parts supplier of road bicycle components with an extensive line of headsets, brakes, cranksets and wheels. Their catalogue of bicycle parts is growing.

Campagnolo developed the "groupset" concept in the 1960's to encourage bicycle makers to use a set of components from one manufacturer that were designed for "improved interaction" between the various bicycle components.

Here's a list of Campagnolo's bicycle part groupsets that they are most known for in decreasing levels of sophistication and price.

Record™ Groupset
Record is Campagnolo's top of the line bicycle component groupset for the serious competitor. No hold-backs on technology or materials, to create a line of bicycle parts that is superior in all ways.

Chorus™ Groupset
The chorus line of bike parts is "aimed at those enthusiasts of high competitive calibre who demand quality at a more reasonable price."

ie. Where the Record™ crank uses Ultra Hollow™ forming technology the campgagnolo chorus crankset utilizes carbon fibre bonded to a structural foam core.

Centaur™ Groupset
For those that demand "medium-high performance".

ie.Historically the Campagnolo Centaur ultra-torque cranks were forged aluminum alloy but new to the market is a Centaur carbon fibre version.

Veloce™ Groupset
For the more serious social rider that doesn't want to pay the prices for competition style features but needs reliability.

Mirage™ Groupset
for the casual rider that wants reliability but not really putting great demands on their bicycle. Parts are competitively priced and designed with the campagnolo attention to detail.

Xenon™ Groupset
This is the entry level groupset of Campagnolo parts.

Today Campagnolo media attention is on the newly introduced Centaur Carbon Crankset, and the redesign of the chorus front derailleurs.... their newest innovations in a long list of sophisticated campagnolo bicycle parts and high end componentry for the cycling addict.

The ™Ultra-torque Campagnolo Crankset: Reviewing their technology reinforces our appreciation of their commitment to innovation. The spindle is split inside the bottom bracket shell and bolted back together via a Hirth joint, to offer larger spindle diameters, and greater rigidity with less weight. The Ultra-Torque technology is 100 grams lighter on average than their previous 2006 crankset-bottom bracket.

Skeleton Brakes™:A sophisticated design that balances the weight-rigidity equation to put sophisticated materials where it is needed and remove it where it is just adding weight. These design features are included in all their groupsets as well as their most common; campagnolo centaur brakes.

G3™ Wheel Geometry: a redesign of the wheel spoke pattern to better address the unbalanced forces on the rear wheel. Check out the Campagnolo khamsin g3 wheels for specifics.

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