New Ultra-torque Campagnolo Crankset
Review of their Newest Technology in Campagnolo Bicycle Parts

The Ultra-torque campagnolo crankset technology was introduced in 2006 with a high degree of fanfare. Reviews certainly suggest this is a new approach to crankset design.

Up until this point in time, Campagnolo has stuck with the traditional 3 piece crankset, (bottom bracket + two crank arms), unlike all other bicycle part manufacturers that have evolved to some version of a 2 piece crankset. Many think Campagnolo has been a little late to step up to the plate.

That may be true, but maybe their new innovative design deserved a little more time on the drawing board. You be the judge. This ulta-torque Campagnolo crankset review will give you some insight into its somewhat unique features.

Spindle: includes a "split" spindle where half of the spindle is attached to the right crank arm and half is attached to the left crank arm.

Crank Arms: Each crank arm plus the "half" spindle creates a "L" shaped bicycle component, that installs from either side of the bicycle, creating essentially a two piece crankset.

hirth joint-new ultra-torque campagnolo cranksetHirth Joint: a borrowed technology from the automotive and aviation axle industry. It is used to connect the two halves of the spindle at the mid point within the bottom bracket shell. This connection technology forms an extremely rigid assembly capable of transferring very high torque values while in use. The hirth joint is capable of self-aligning as well as self-centering.

Bolt: a 10 mm bolt travels through the assembly and gets tightened down to 42Nm with traditional bicycle tooling. It is installed with a spring washer that loads the joint between the two bicycle crankset half-axles to create single solid and rigid spindle with the spring exerting a pressure 600kg/1300lb.

Weight: the new ultra-torque Campagnolo Crankset, when reviewing its weight advantages seems to be a real winner. It will weighs in at approximately 70 grams lighter, compared with the previous years bottom bracket and crank arm equivalent.

Q-factor: (the distance between the pedals) the new ultra torque crankset requires no increase in lateral distance between the crank arms, which is somewhat impressive given that most suppliers were forced to increase the Q-factor with all two piece cranksets and external bearings. This is quite convenient in that it avoids any adjustment to cycling shoe cleats.

External Bearings: provide the traditional friction free wheeling that we have come to expect from Campagnolo bicycle components, quite a nice surprise from the drag experienced with competitors external bearing bottom brackets

Installation: the installation process of the campagnolo centaur ultra-torque crankset is pleasingly simple It uses straight forward thread-in cups as phase one. The "L" shaped half spindle plus crank are then inserted from each side and a 10mm through bolt holds the entire assembly together.

Record Ultra-Torque Carbon 10s crankset:
170, 172.5, 175, 177.5, & 180mm, 39-52, & 39-53,
Ultra hollow composite cranks arms, requires the BB aluminum overboard cups.               643 grams

CHORUS™ ULTRA-TORQUE™ Carbon 10s crankset:
170, 172.5, 175 mm 39-52, 39-53 chainrings
composite arms, requires Ultra-Torque BB overboard cups          679 grams

Centaurt ultra-torquet carbon 10s crankset:
170, 172.5, 175 mm, 39-53 chainring,
requires Ultra-Torque BB overboard cups                          707 grams

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