KMC z9000 Bicycle Chain

KMC Z9000 Bicycle ChainThe standard KMC chain z9000 series comes with 116 links for 9 speed gear derailleur bikes and is SRAM compatible.

Often it comes with the "missing Link" single use connecting pin packaged in the deal. I have removed and reinstalled the "missing link" more than once, even though they say it is a single use application, so it is doable, but don't think the strength of connection is as good the second and third time around.

Better yet is to negotiate the inclusion of a KMC master link in the deal that gives you the ability to reconnect multiple times, especially if you prefer to remove your bicycle chain for cleaning.

RANS Force5 LE Recombent BikeThe KMC z9000 recumbent chain is just an extra long standard z9000 chain that has up to 270 links end to end. It comes standard on the RANS Rocket/V-Rex, Stratus LE/XP and Force5 Enduro, as well as the Cycle Genius Formula 26 and the Bacchetta Strada.

The biggest attraction of a KMC chain is that it is comparable in strength and quality to a Shimano and SRAM chain but at least 20% cheaper. At that price you can afford to change it more frequently instead of causing damage to your more expensive cogs and chainrings.

Some of my buddies have had trouble with new KMC chain links being really stiff and causing chain suck, but found that after a few miles and a new clean that they were fine.

KMC Chain Specifications:

Pin Width: 6.6 mm
Size: 1/2" x 3/32"
Weight: 305 grams
# of Links: 116 links, plus a connecting pin at one end (the Missing Link)
Pin Power: 200 kgf. Minimum
Tensile Strength: 1050 kgf
MSRP:Standard $20.00, can typically find it online for $13. to $15. including the missing link.
Recumbent Chain


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