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KMC Chains: Connectors

kmc missing link 6.6mmThe missing link™ is the answer to repair KMC chains. It comes in various sizes, but for 9 speed bicycle chain specifications it is 6.6mm in width to work seamlessly with the rest of the chain (5.9mm for the 10 speed). So make sure you buy the correct missing link to match your KMC chain size.

It comes typically in a card of six links, although it can be bought individually.

KMC suggests that it is designed for a single use application, for on trail repairs and that you must use a chain tool to push out the pins just as you would on any other link. This reduces the strength of the rivets and leads to chain failure.

That's the corporate story, but I have buddies that have used needle nosed pliers to remove and reconnected this link over a dozen times with great success.

Don't find this link as easy to use as the SRAM links but you can get the Park masterlink chain tool and it makes the job much easier.

Cost: $3-4 each or $11.00-14.00 for a card of 6

NOTE: make sure that you get "new" stock as the older connector is not nearly as friendly and definitely a one use application.. ASK!

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