KMC X-SL Bicycle Chain Series

The KMC X-SL series bicycle chain is their most sophisticated line of bike chains. The "SL" stands for "super light", making this the lightest chain in its class. Don't confuse it with the X-L chain.

  • Flat Step™ riveting process to eliminate the need for full length bushings, keeps the weight down and according to the manufacturer creates a bike chain with 350 kilo's of pinpower.

  • hollow pins, again to save weight

  • X-bridge® proprietary outer plate design to improve shifting performance and offer quieter riding

  • cut-outs in the inner and outer plates to reduce weight and allow for the removal of dirt that gets caught between the gears and the chain links.

  • X-SP® special KMC chain treatment to prolong chain life, by "stretchproofing" pins and plates and making it less susceptible to wear from road sand.

  • comes in 9 speed and 10 speed chain specifications

  • Titanium Nitride coating to make the surface very hard for smooth shifting, reduced friction and less build up of road muck. Gives the chain its distinctive gold colour.

  • has been tested for both on-road (TEAM ASTANA) and off-Road (K2, Trek USA MTB team)

Don't mix this chain up with its less expensive cousin: the KMC X-L chain (L = light). This chain has many of the same features but not quite as light and thus you should be paying less money for it.

These chains are NOT KMC's strongest chains (ie. check out the K910 Kool with 1500 kg of tensile strength) but rather forfeit some strength for weight reduction and super fast shifting.

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