KMC Chains
Taiwanese Bicycle Chain Manufacturer

The KMC Industrial Chain Co. has been a bicycle chain manufacturer since 1977. Today they not only are known for KMC chains for bicycles both BMX and derailleur, but also chains for motorcycles and industrial applications.

They operate two factories in Taiwan, and 3 shops in China (two in Shenzhen and one in Shanghai), employing almost 3,000 individuals, with a combined productive capacity to make 57 million sets of chain marketed in over 200 countries. They recently became ISO 9001 certified to re-enforce their vision of quality in all aspects of production.

With such a tight focus on product and a large employee talent pool to draw from, it is not hard to understand their leadership position and why KMC chains are know for quality and innovation.

In fact KMC Industrial Chain Co. even manufactures chains for Shimano and Nashbar, although they keep their most sophisticated designs like the X10SL for their own distribution channels. It's an interesting read to see all the unique features that they incorporate into their product when just talking about something as simple as a KMC bicycle chain.

Some of the more interesting projects KMC Chain Industrial Co. introduced at the 2007 Taipei International Cycle Show:

  1. high powered LED lights, that they suggest will offer the "brightest in the world, the widest view angel and farthest projecting range, and the first recessed head light in the world that can be directly built inside the bicycle"
  2. Super thin bicycle anti-theft RFID electronic tags, that can be attached on the bicycle frame, and is resistant to high temperature tampering and metal interference.
  3. Working on a bluetooth interface for real time communication and mp3 functionality.
  4. Electric Motor Controlers for electric bicycles that can integrate with their RFID technology for "automatic anti-theft lockout of the motor controller whenever the rider leaves the bicycle".
  5. Brushless DC motor and pedal assistance sensors to optimize the performance and power consumption of their line of bicycle motors.

Contact Information:
KMC Chain Industrial Co, Ltd
Tainan County, Taiwan, FOC
Tel: +886-6-2019103

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